Denver Can and Should Pursue Winter Olympics, Committee Says

A model of a proposed speed-skating arena that was to be built near South High School for the 1976 Winter Olympics Games in Denver — the ones that didn’t happen.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Winter Games Exploratory Committee has announced that Denver and Colorado can and should pursue bids for future Olympic and Paralympic events. However, the concept calls for an approach that wouldn’t require direct funding from taxpayers and recommends that any efforts in regard to 2020 and beyond be submitted to a statewide vote in advance.

These components are unlikely to placate NOlympics, a group opposed to Colorado pursuing the Winter Games in 2030 that staged a demonstration at the State Capitol in March. Among the speakers was former Governor and NOlympics co-chair Dick Lamm, a central figure in the movement that pulled the plug on the state playing host to the spectacle more than forty years ago.

In "How a Citizen Revolt Snuffed the 1976 Denver Winter Olympics," published in June 2016, writer Alan Prendergast outlined how Lamm and company won the day. Here’s an excerpt:

NOlympics protesters at the State Capitol in March gathered beneath a portrait of the group’s co-chair, former governor Dick Lamm.
Business and political leaders, including Colorado Lieutenant Governor John Vanderhoof (third from left), Governor John Love (second from right) and Denver Mayor Tom Currigan (far right) worked for years on a successful bid to host the ’76 Winter Olympics.

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